Loose insulating
with or without screed

  • Picture: Poraver
  • Picture: Poraver

GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass fills every gap as a loose fill between joist ceilings and in cavities. Easy to work with, it insulates perfectly and creates a pleasant, pollutantfree indoor climate. In new builds and renovations, GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass makes it easy to cover pipes and cable ducts and insulates against noise. In the renovation of listed buildings, it boasts vertical interior insulation. Facing formwork can be backfilled without any problems, as the small balls fill every cavity. In new builds, it is used as thermal separation between floor slabs and intermediate ceilings.


  • Lightweight: GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass is light as a feather, which helps to save on the dimensioning of the substructure
  • Resilient and durably stable: GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass stays in shape – no readjustments required
  • Moisture-resistant: Made from 100% recycled glass, GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass absorbs almost no water and dries quickly
  • Non-combustible class A1