RED Expanded Glass

Production of veriso RED expanded glass
raw material - used glass

veriso RED expanded glass  is a new and high quality foam glass aggregate product made from recycled glass. To produce veriso RED expanded glass, recycled glass is sorted, cleaned, ground and blended with admixture. This process reuses valuable raw materials and saves energy initially required for the production of glass. Because of this, veriso RED expanded glass has excellent energy balances.

The Manufacturing Process of GEOMATERIALS Red

GEOMATERIALS Red is sintered at high temperatures. The very new structured foam glass aggregate gravel occurs during a new developed expansion process instate of the art conveyor ovens at a modified sintering temperature. It is only through this most innovative manufacturing process, that it is possible to produce GEOMATERIALS Red foam glass aggregate into this technical form which satisfies the high standards of road construction. This is what makes GEOMATERIALS Red unique!

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