Double-wall masonry

Double-wall masonry usually consists of a non-load-bearing front wall shell, which protects against the weather and provides the facade design, and a load-bearing back wall shell, which provides load transfer and heat storage. Full insulation between the two masonry walls is referred to as core insulation, and means that the entire cavity between the two walls is filled with GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass. Despite a comparatively thick wall cross-section, the construction without insulation gives rise to unpleasant surface temperatures on the inside of the wall. In the base area in particular, the use of moisture-resistant insulating materials that are not sensitive to settlement is essential. The energy efficiency of many existing buildings can be drastically improved with relatively little effort by injecting GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass.


  • Easy to work with: GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass is injected loose
  • Moisture-resistant and breathable: Made from 100% recycled glass, GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass absorbs almost no water and dries out quickly
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Dimensionally stable: No long-term settlement
  • Non-combustible class A1
  • Resistant to aging, rotting, and rodents