thermal lining - brick backfill
filling of hollow brick with GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass

Thermal separation between floor slab/intermediate ceiling and outer wall:

The base detail (first row of bricks on the floor slab or basement ceiling), in addition to other connection details, has increasingly become the focus in energy-efficient buildings. A simple and effective method for thermal separation between the floor slab and outer wall, and between the intermediate ceiling and outer wall, is to fill and insulate the first row of bricks on site with GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass (2-4 mm). This solution significantly reduces the vertical thermal conductivity of the vertically perforated bricks.

Working: To avoid thermal bridges, depending on the situation and general conditions, individual rows of bricks can be filled with GEOMATERIALS Expanded Glass. It reduces the flow of heat in all directions, thereby helping to construct connections that are free of thermal bridges.