Roadway rehabilitation
Hollen im Landkreis Cuxhaven

basic data

object type Roadway rehabilitation
location Hollen im Landkreis Cuxhaven
completion 10 / 2023

In the Cuxhaven district, the K45 is currently being stabilized with veriso RED expanded glass gravel ground store as part of a roadway renovation. Due to the subsoil that is sensitive to settlement (moorland), massive settlements in the road substructure often occur in this region. veriso RED expanded glass gravel ground store was developed specifically for the renovation of such measures. The material is characterized by its low weight (dry bulk density approx. 250 kg/m³). This material also has the property of absorbing and releasing water. A combination of a water storage function combined with dynamic load-bearing properties. In Hollen, the material is incorporated into a geotextile, compacted and sewn. A recycling layer followed to distribute the load. This is then asphalted (asphalt base layer, asphalt binder course and asphalt surface layer). The main advantage of this renovation measure is the low weight in the system structure with veriso RED expanded glass gravel ground store, which helps to significantly reduce the renovation intervals.